Hilljatra: Hilljatra

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The Hilljatra, which is being celebrated in some parts of Pithoragarh districts, is essentially the festival of pastoralists and agriculturalists. In the developmental process, the aathon (eight day of bhado) and Gawra Visarjan also became the part of Hilljatra . The festival, which basically came to the valley from the Sorar ( Mahakali ) region of West Nepal, was first introduced in Kumor village, Pithoragarh . The Jatra was also accepted by the people of Bajethi, another village near Pithoragarh town and with some modification it was introduced in Kanalichhina and Askot regions as Hiran chital .

The Hilljatra is related to ropai ( the plantation of paddy ) and other agricultural and pastoral labours of the rainy season ( Hill = mud, Jatra = Jaat ). It has also been connected with the victory of the Champawat ruler.