This 1,950 meter high town rises up the wooded hills cupping a green lake . Yachts with candy-striped sails, pedal boats and slow skiffs laying snail tracks on the water, give Nainital a certain, fairy-tale, quality . A cable car with bright gondolas rides above the trees to 2,270 meter high Snow View . And most people spend their time walking up and down the tree-shaded Mall from Tallital at the bus terminus end of the lake to Mallital below Nainital's 2,611 meter high Naina Peak.

In spite of the height of its peak and the fact that the British had taken Kumaun from Nepalis in 1815, local people managed to keep the lake secret for many years. The lake is still regarded as sacred by many people in Kumaun .

In 1841, however, it was discovered for the British by Captain Weller of the Royal Engineers and his friend, P.Barron . Barron was one of the first people to apply for a building in this beautiful place . Over the years other British built their cottages and generally tried to convert Nainital into a replica of their misty isles.

Much of this imperial Raj character, which still exists it some part of the town, owes its presence to the fact that Nainital was the summer capital of the huge United Provinces . The Governor and his entire administration moved to the town in March or April and Government House still occupies extensive wooded grounds, between St. Joseph's College and the Diocesan Girls School, All Saints. Today Nainital is a District Headquarters.

There are very few relics of the old Era round the lake. One of them is the rambling old Nainital Yacht Club from where boats can still be hired for a cuise around lake.

There are many other attaractions inside and around Nainital like Dorothy's Seat / Tiffin Top, Lands End, Kilbury, High Altitude Zoo, Hanumangari, Cave garden etc. inviting tourists from all over world .

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