Sunderdhunga Glacier


Sunderdunga Glacier

This is an interesting Tri-Glacier Treks for Sunderdhunga , Kafani and Pindari . These treks starts from same base in the sacred town of Bageshwar and take you to the roadhead Loharkhet .From there 11 kms. trek to Dhakuri and further 11 kms. to Khati . Khati is a large village lying at the confluence of the Pindari and Sundar Dhunga Rivers.

The left trail here leads 8 kms. to Jaitoli and 22 kms. further through thick forests and alpine meadows to the Sunder Dunga valley which starts at a height 3,260 meters . Sunder Dhunga means the valley of beautiful stones, possibly because of the ice-crafted boulders left by great glaciers in the past. The valley still has two glaciers : Maktoli and Sukhram and you should be able to see the peaks of Tharkot (6,100 meters), Mrigthuni (6,856 meters) and Pwalidwar (6,663 meters).