Bagwal (Devidhura Fair)


Kumaun is famous for its fairs & festivals . A very unusual fair, which attracts people from Kumaon, Nepal, and even other places, is held every year at the temple of Maa Barahi Devi, Devidhura on Raksha Bandhan day. During this festival, known as Bagwal, two groups of dancing and singing people throw stones at each other, while they try to protect themselves with the help of large wooden shields.

Bagwal at Devidhura

Devidhura is located at distance of 45 kms from Lohaghat . The famous hunter, Jim Corbett's tale ' Temple Tiger ' is associated with the Devidhura temples . Devidhura is situated amidst tall deodar and oak trees surrounded by beautiful native flora and fauna . This is a wonderful place for treking .