Nanda Devi Fair


The best known fair of Kumaon Division is Nanda Devi Fair. It is orgnised in many places like Almora, Nainital, Bageshwar, Bhowali, Kot (Dangoli) and also in the far flung villages of Johar ( like Milam and Martoli ) of Kumaun during the month of September .

Main fair is held at Almora town, it is organized since the Chand kings ruled this place. It is believed that 'Nanda' used to be the family Goddess of Chanda dynasty. The word meaning of the word 'Nanda' is prosperity. The temple of 'Nanda' in Almora was built by Dyot Chanda in seventeenth century, the then ruler of this place. Presently this temple remains the core of the festival. The duration of the festival is five days and approximately twenty five thousand people tourist come to attend this festival.

Nanda Devi Fair is also orgnised at Nainital, where a week long festival held at Nanda Devi temple. At last a great procession of Maa Nanda Devi orgnised in the city .